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..."Designed by Apple in California". "Jobs" (Ashton Kutcher) trailer. Why developers should (or shouldn't) require iOS 7 this fall. "The Transporter" series. iOS 7 Calendar app UI. Cool-looking vs. well-designed. Our...
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...and Unoclay talk about Monolith possibly making a Zelda game, Avengers movies/games, and Mike plays iOS games for food. 0:00 - Intro 4:08 - Matt - Bomb Chicken, Avengers movies and...
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Happy Independence Day

Raven and Blues
More news of the new iOS podcast app and a treat from the Allman Brothers
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...and the difficulty in predicting an "iWatch". Technological Conservatism. Panic's Lightning-to-HDMI-cable discovery. Chris Harris on iOS 7 icons. "Free-to-play" games. Coding for practice, and learning new APIs or languages. Overly specialized...
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...halo-car post) The Xbox 180. Revisiting the potential for a larger-screen iPhone after having seen iOS 7. Predicting iOS 7 adoption. Neven Mrgan on iOS 7's icon grid and a rebuttal....
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X27 – soundBYTE Mike

The Listening Party Podcast
Flux : Titre inconnu
...app and the art of the 14 second podcast, accents, singing in American, Android vs. iOS, permission to pee, teaching X-Men, group think, physical media, mascots, hot takes, indoor hats, and...
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