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Celtic Christmas Cheer #440

Marc Gunn, Peat in the Creel, Natalie MacMaster, Tommy Sands, Alexander James Adams, Heather Dale
...Gunn, Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy, Alexander James Adams, A Shamrock in Kudzu, The Wee Heavies, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller, Scooter Muse, Spencer & Beane, The Selkie Girls, Sarah Marie Mullen ,...
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Jed Marum Tribute #359

Marc Gunn, Jed Marum, Fiddlinda, Carolina Ceili, Mason Brown, Hugh Morrison, Tullamore
...man. We have music from Jed Marum, Fiddlinda, Carolina Ceili, Mason Brown, Hugh Morrison, Nine-8ths Irish, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller, Scooter Muse, Tullamore. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/ Listen and share this podcast. Download 34 Celtic...
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...for Cat Lovers "Danny in the Jar" by Emerald Rosefrom Con Suite "Anachy Gordon" by Jil Chamblessfrom The Ladies Go Dancing "We're Irish Tonight" by Sligo Ragsfrom Roll Me Down the...
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The Road to Anywhere #494

Marc Gunn, Mithril, Patsy O'Brien, Cluan, RG Paddler, The Selkie Girls, John Williams, Dean Magraw
...to anywhere with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Mithril, John Williams & Dean Magraw, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, Con Durham & Maz O'Flaherty, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac,...
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Texas Scots #407

Marc Gunn, Cleghorn, Anton & The Colts, Scotland Rising, Tullamore
...Miller, Jed Marum, Skeleton McKee, Anton & The Colts, Cleghorn, Willow and Her Giant, Brother, Jil Chambless, Scooter Muse I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did, please share...
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...Band, The Elders, Poitin, Runa, Sons of Malarkey, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Screeched Inn, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse, Barleyjuice, Ciana, Coast, West of Mabou. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/ Listen and share...
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Christmas Snow #195

Marc Gunn, The Selkie Girls, Highland Reign, The Gothard Sisters, Brobdingnagian Bards, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller, Scooter Muse
...Pub Songs Podcast. The Selkie Girls, Eddie Biggins, Highland Reign, The Gothard Sisters, Brobdingnagian Bards, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse, Marc Gunn Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, the...
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Oiche Chiuin (Silent Night) #54

Marc Gunn, Rosanne Cash. Prydein, Cherish the Ladies, The Barra MacNeils, Jennifer Licko
...to Christmas. YOUR CELTIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC THIS WEEK 0:04 - "Away in a Manger" by Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse from Nollaig Chridheil / Songs of the Christmas Season...
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Irish Celtic Songs #113

...today. Alabama Celtic Calendar of Events for North Alabama. I started a new website with Jil Chambless to promote Celtic events in Northern Alabama. Great time at Sherwood Forest Faire. Some...
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Celtic Christmas Women #489

Marc Gunn, Celtic Woman, Natalie MacMaster, Heather Dale, Cherish the Ladies, Golden Bough, Katie McMahon, Bonnie Rideout
...Leahy, Aizle & Rioghnach Connolly, Peat in the Creel, A Shamrock in Kudzu, Susan Toman, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Heather Dale, Carolina Ceili, Catriona...
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...Cautionary Tales 12:33 "Magic Box" by Nava from Tapestry 16:11 "The Bonnie Ship the Diamond" by Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse from The Lang Awa' Ships 19:32 CELTIC PODCAST NEWS 21:26...
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Thanksgiving Castle #385

Marc Gunn, Enda Seery, Talisk, Ed Miller, Perkelt, Laura Cortese, Catherine Koehler, Syncopaths, Rambling Sailors, Tami Curtis
...days! Carry on your great work." Jane Haines emailed: "Hi Marc, I found you through Jil Chambless. I taught her son, Jack, in Tuscaloosa and we have kept in touch through...
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...Celtic music from Runa, Alasdair White, Jodee James, Bridgid's Cross, Sarah Copus, McDerry, Na Skylark, Jil Chambless, John Taylor, Scooter Muse, Melanie Gruben, The Gatehouse Well, Jesse Ferguson, Kilmaine Saints, Brynmor,...
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