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Science on the beach with Clare Fieseler

nerdettepodcast@gmail.com (Greta Johnsen)
Flux : Nerdette
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Lady Fair #380

Marc Gunn, Childsplay, Dervish, Celia Ramsay, Fourth Moon, Mithril, Donal Clancy
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Info for Bands

...on the right. Park anywhere, we have visitor permits. From Route 93 South (coming from North Shore , NH, etc.): Take Exit 31 (Mystic Valley Pkway). On the ramp, get all the...
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Jaunting Car #444

Marc Gunn, Bonnie Rideout, ChildsPlay, Syr, The Changing Room, Lothlorien, Ballinloch
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#214: Lucky Carrickfergus

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
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Celtic Top 20 for 2019 #441

Marc Gunn, Journey North, Runa, We Banjo 3, Colleen Raney, Flook, Sharon Shannon, Atlys
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St Patrick's Day Playlist 2019, 3 Hours #400

Marc Gunn, We Banjo 3, Gaelic Storm, The Canny Brothers Band, The Poxy Boggards, Clan Celtica, Kyle Carey
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St Patrick's Day Whiskey #399

Marc Gunn, Clan Celtica,Ella Roberts,Celtic Woman, Bangers and Mash
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About Close Your Eyes & Reaver's Lullaby #235

Marc Gunn, Browncoats, Daniel Glasser
...when I recorded it in January 2009 for my CD Kilted For Her Pleasure on the North Shore in Louisiana at my friend Jamie Haeuser's house. Jamie recorded percussion on a couple of tracks...
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Celtic Women Singers #462

Marc Gunn, Seasons, The Selkie Girls, Jessica Victoria, Celtic Woman, Ciunas, SeaStar, Tami Curits, Altan, Jiggy
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How to Vote in Celtic Top 20 #438

Marc Gunn, Mithril, willos', Outbound Traveler, The Prodigals, Kyn, We Banjo 3
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