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15018 PARMA Recordings - Interfaces

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...of the technology sings freely instead of pretending to be other instruments or remixing classic recordings. At times, INTERFACES can feel like an aural puzzle that challenges the mind as much...
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14242 PARMA Recordings - Quadrants

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14225 PARMA Recordings - Journeys

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14222 PARMA Recordings - Veil

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14193 PARMA Recordings - Manifold

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14189 PARMA Recordings - Flare

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FLARE VOLUME 32 Society of Composers, Inc. Navona Records proudly presents Flare, recordings by members of the Society of Composers, Inc. Now in its 32nd installment, it offers...
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14186 PARMA Recordings - Unexplored

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...an expansive variety of musical genres while introducing listeners to previously unrecorded cello repertoire. Premiere recordings of works by Tchaikovsky, Cassadó, Rudnytsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov are presented by cellist Nada Radulovich and...
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14172 PARMA Recordings - Hymnus

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14168 PARMA Recordings - Tableau

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14164 PARMA Recordings - Cyberistan

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14158 PARMA Recordings - Reflets

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14152 PARMA Recordings - Axioms

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14151 PARMA Recordings - SHE

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For her debut album on PARMA recordings SHE, Emily Sternfeld-Dunn serves as the voice of two of history’s strongest female characters. The...
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14034 PARMA Recordings - Notturno

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14020 PARMA Recordings - Shostakovich

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