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Legend: Genesis

Lava Lamp Lounge
...acts in rock and roll. Their inventive songwriting and expert musicianship propelled the band to stardom, and Peter Gabriel's ever increasing stage personas transcended their live shows from mere concerts into...
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Episode 19

Eastern Lariat
...and also talk about Fortune Dream, the japanese “national pro-wrestling day” in July, the new Stardom World and some news from the world of puroresu where you have a problem if...
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Flux : The Hustle
...shoulders with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Tom Petty, Courtney Cox, and many others. Movie stardom may not have lasted, but a career in production doing what he loves did. This...
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Laser Time – Failed Comedic Vehicles

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
...comedy superstars, here’s the best and worst of those who got one shot at bigscreen stardom… DOWNLOAD RSS  |  iTunes  |  Zune  | Facebook  | Twitter  | YouTube  | Twitch SUPPORT...
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Laser Time – Worst Superhero Movies

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
...dominated by caped crusaders, iron men and dark knights, but the road to bigscreen Super Stardom makes for one bumpy origin story… DOWNLOAD RSS  |  iTunes  |  Zune  | Facebook  | Twitter ...
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...Super Junior. They also dive deep into All Japan's Champion Carnival tournament and briefly recap Stardom's Cinderella Tournament.
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...Tag League final show by Big Japan Pro Wrestling, a new era in Sendai Girls, Stardom's October show and AAA in Korakuen Hall.
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...that saw Jun Akiyama win the KO-D Openweight Title. STRIGGA & Dylan also look at Stardom's Budokan Hall card for March 3rd and discuss winners and losers.
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...form the foundational band Jefferson Airplane. After a few years at the heights of rock stardom he forms Hot Tuna with bandmate, Jack Casady and they’ve been playing together ever since.
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Hayley Mills

Maltin on Movies
Hayley Mills was earmarked for stardom by Walt Disney more than fifty years ago. She endeared herself to a generation of...
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...favorite foodcast episode with the Barefoot Contessa herself. Ina talks about her rise to TV stardom, entertaining tips, and how she makes everything she does look so damn effortless. We'll be...
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...pulled into the world of the KISS machine as they were starting to rise to stardom. He also talks a little about his disenchantment with how some things in the KISS...
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...Japan and DDT cards as well as Hideki Suzuki in Ice Ribbon, recommended matches from Stardom and more.
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...retirements including Atsushi Onita and Manami Toyota. From Mayu Iwatani's elbow injury they talk about Stardom's next Korakuen Hall show on 10/17 before looking back at Ice Ribbon's show in the...
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...about these situations. From there the two transition to a wide potpourri of topics including Stardom, Sendai Girls, Ice Ribbion, Big Japan and other promotions running shows during Golden Week. The...
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