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...MOS. 00:33:03 - Sponsor: Freshbooks. 00:34:39 - Sponsor: Squarespace. 00:47:00 - Nvidia releases the Titan Xp. 00:48:45 - Apple to begin making their own GPUs. 00:57:20 - Google launches search results’...
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CMP P02 Promo 2 Long

Gary & Ruth Colcombe
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CMP P01 Promo 1 Short

Gary & Ruth Colcombe
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...Apple financing original content Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: John's mom got hacked Windows XP ad bumper sounds Sponsored by: Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price....
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Dethlehem PARS525

William Domiano
...leviathans, shape-shifters, and a sh*t ton of other things that needed to be SLAIN (for XP, duh). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfensvypjd4Cmkkcb1VsNDEmtE9CJugsx
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...Brian Collier gig review 28:27 Brian Collier gig review 30:10 JC discussion of the NGHFB Experience 31:06 NGHFB - It's A Beautiful World on Jimmy Fallon 31:53 Liam news update 32:10...
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The Bed of Branwen CMP053

Celtic Myth Podshow
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The Two Temptations CMP051

Celtic Myth Podshow
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Of Kitchens and Kings CMP049

Celtic Myth Podshow
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