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Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition

shows@maximumfun.org (Ross and Carrie)
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...Understand the Image of a Black Hole Apple and Qualcomm settle and then Intel exits 5G business Apple press release John on patents 1, 2, 3 iOS 13: Dark Mode, Volume...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...Site, Legal Action Possibly Forthcoming 01:04:45 Net Neutrality: Should the EU Slash Regulation to Win 5G Connectivity 01:06:45 Microsoft Invites ‘bae’ Interns to ‘get lit’ on ‘lots of dranks,’ then apologizes...
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Flux : The Amp Hour
...en vogue again, with Elon Musk launching Starlink and pasts guests like Maarten Engalen (Hiber) 5G distances are pretty short (depending on the implementation) Discontinuing 3G in Australia GSM wasn't a...
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...white asses Covid conspiracies. We’ve got varieties  Bill Gates made it in a lab And 5G wants to kill your dad Maybe it’ll go away  When temperatures are high Maybe some...
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