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Flux : Rock Solid
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...the band New England, opening for KISS in 1979, Gene Simmons confiscating his tour pictures, Bob Kulick , working with Vinnie Vincent, demo-ing the next new record already, and more.  Listen to...
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ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents singer, David Glen Eisley with guest appearance from Bob Kulick (recorded December 2019).  During our conversation, David discusses Sweet Victory (The SpongeBob SquarePants song), his...
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ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents Grammy award winning producer and guitarist, Bob Kulick . (Recorded October 14th 2019) Bob discusses working with Motörhead, his work with KISS and...
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Mark Farner & Nils Lofgren

Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon
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...Out Of Shape, his work with Rainbow, his time with Meatloaf, working with Bruce & Bob Kulick , the possibility of joining KISS and his drums on Creatures Of The Night, Eric...
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...more.    Our second interview (starts at approx. 1 hr 10 mins) is with guitarist Bob Kulick . We discuss Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute (which includes Chris Jericho),  his...
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