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224 – Misheard Lyrics (Remastered)

The Listening Party Podcast
Flux : Titre inconnu
...Sports’ World Cup 98, bad radio DJ’s, Rod’s Pearl Jam origin story, screamo lyrics, Summerland, GG Allin, and reading. Episode References: Monophonics Live | World Cup 98 Intro | 13 Commonly Misheard Song...
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...Missing Warped Tour Stuff Gratefully Getting In A Band With PUNK LEGENDS For Your First Gigging Experience Playing A Fretless Ibanez Bass In The Greatest Named Band Ever: BRUTUS ATE A...
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...from throwing park shows in Connecticut Commons, to being in one of the most popular aggressive bands in the world. For the first part of the conversation check out https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-jasta-show/id905155742?mt=2 Episode...
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...Tommy Gun Cheap Trick – Dream Police Sex Pistols – No Feelings Mike Edisonb – GG Allin Died Last Night Edison Rocket Train – Yes, Yes, Yes! Raunch Hands – Hanging...
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...the streets with Shane West Getting into straight edge through H2O and Minor Threat Preferring GG’s early stuff. The Murder Junkies were supposed to perform at the wedding Minister Dino Torturing...
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Flux : MinuteEarth
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Episode 108 - Shock Rocktober

Decibel Geek Podcast
...all! Buy Music! (Click Artist to Purchase) Screamin Jay Hawkins The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Iggy Pop & The Stooges Alice Cooper KISS Wendy O. Williams GG Allin Ozzy Osbourne WASP...
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The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

austinrich@gmail.com (Austin Rich)
...* Bell Records (1972) 21.) Barnabas Collins * Lone Ranger * Barnabas Collins 7” * GG’s Records (1977) 22.) Crazy to Exist * Josef K * The Only Fun in Town...
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...I’m gonna do what I love - I’m gonna podcast. And, in the words of GG - “LIVE FAST DIE!”R.I.P. David Bowie and Rob McAllisterWith special commentary from Brazilian progressive punk...
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...Thats what grown folks do?!  The group was formed in 1976 at Kentucky State University by trumpeter Reggie Calloway, The rest of the group is vocalist Belinda Lipscomb, guitarist/drummer/vocalist Melvin Gentry, bassist Kenneth...
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...atmosphere can’t be solely created by the vocals. The music is as big if not a bigger contributor to the overall atmosphere a song has. I feel that this group of musicians...
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