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...child, son Beckett, in December 2017  scoring another Top 5 hit with his current single, "Hooked" working on his upcoming sophomore album growing his fan base by playing more than 100...
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...new Deluxe album . . . and Dylan reveals the title of his new single, “Hooked." Show Participants • Dylan Scott • Jim Casey, NCD director of editorial Show Notes &...
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...Just Got More Blues K.Y.N.O.M.B. By J.P. Soars Kris Pohlmann-Got To Be The Blues Little Hook-Hooked Mr Sipp-Knock A Hole In It Samantha Fish-Gone For Good Sean Webster-The One The Smoke...
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Stephen Pearcy

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
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...top-notch production qualities, this new effort by Monkey House is sure to impress. Monkey House hooked us the first time we heard them and we're sure it will hook you, too....
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14208 Bernstein: Peter Pan

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