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...Howard Carter discovered King Tut's Tomb on this day! News at 11. On the jammies, John Lennon , as a solo artist. Great music and fun, Ghost Soldiers Radio! Every Saturday night...
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...still hadn't cracked the Top Ten in the US. Then, with a little inspiration from John Lennon and a little venom toward his former manager, Bowie came up with the tune that...
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...legend who's played with everyone from Black Sabbath to to Rick Derringer to Dio to John Lennon . Today he shares his history, how he got his start, how he came to...
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...he was a talented equestrian performer, acrobat and show-runner. In fact, one Fanque's playbills inspired John Lennon . Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Ep 69: Your Anger is a Gift

Loose Cannon & Bakko
...our ideas for the Dio Hologram world tour, Lemmy's estate and general ridiculousness. Music: Anthrax, John Lennon , Stone Sour, ICE-T, Royal Bliss, AssJack, Q5, Slayer
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The Big Takeover Show - Number 188 - August 27, 2018

jrabid@bigtakeover.com (Jack Rabid)
...brand new Jet Black, Spectrums, Paul Simon, Dropkick, and Walter Lure & the Waldos, plus John Lennon , Roy Hawkins, Electric Light Orchestra, Johnny Cash, Leo Graham, and Alex Chilton, and a...
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...Fleetwood Mac Bad is Bad by Huey Lewis & The News It's So Hard by John Lennon Let Me Love You by Jeff Beck Episode credits: David Whitaker - Host & Producer...
Medium d289e0df078fb9fbcb891a9062cb80db89e4823b
This week, after a little 1978 John Lennon : brand new Beths, Bright Eyes, Fontaines D.C., No Age, Aqua Bats, and Jayhawks, plus...
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The Big Takeover Show - Number 218 - March 25, 2019

jrabid@bigtakeover.com (Jack Rabid)
...Cleveland, Slowness, Westkust, Moving Panoramas (with Matthew Caws), and Lil Smokies, plus Marvelettes, Joey Heatherton, John Lennon , U-Roy, Harry James, and Chubby Checker; and R.I.P. Dick Dale, 81. (Note: Hear seven...
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Une fois de plus, Sylvain a tenu la baraque, cette fois-ci avec l'aide de John Lennon ressuscité, accompagné d'une Yoko Ono rajeunie ! Toujours sous le signe tonitruant du Helter Skelter......
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.../ Kam-a-Lay/Joyful Noise 2002 6.Amethyst Kiah / Black Myself/Wary-Strange 7.Donny Hathaway / Jealous Guy ( John Lennon
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...Gaz bring you tunes from Dyke & The Blazers, Tame Impala, Muddy Waters, Barefoot Jerry, John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, Lead Belly, Luke Winslow-King and The Rolling Stones. Get all...
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EP 118: Asshole Radio Vol. 3

Loose Cannon & Bakko
...favorites from all genre's except Reggae. Featuring music from: Helix Semisonic Danger Danger Heaven Helloween John Lennon Daven Edmunds and more.
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...still hadn't cracked the Top Ten in the US. Then, with a little inspiration from John Lennon and a little venom toward his former manager, Bowie came up with the tune that...
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...Ryan Page look at 1972, when the Rolling Stones drop Exile on Main Street and John Lennon and Yoko Ono release Sometime in New York City. The first 20 mins are heavy...
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