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Green Lantern Corps and Aquaman movie talk

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...Lantern Corps movie rumors That Hashtag Show - WB interested in Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible 5 and 6) to direct; speculate they may also want Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan...
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...mind is BLOWN when he gets to ask Greg questions about filming Star Wars AND Mission Impossible 3!! - Dean thinks Jason is going to win! - Greg can not believe that...
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Flux : Retro Ramble
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...- Living Trio Give a Little More - Living Trio Spinning Wheel - Living Trio Mission Impossible Theme - Living Marimbas Thunderball - Living Brass The Phoenix Love Theme - Living Jazz...
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 345

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...pretty all right, kinda meh Ant-Man and the Wasp; the most important movie coming out: Mission Impossible ; Fallout; Timeplay outrage; too many cars at the movie theatre; credit where credit is...
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 323

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...to dinner; discussing Black Panther and the problem with franchises like Kingsmen, Spider-Man, Kick-Ass, and Mission Impossible ; Dave’s concerns about Black Lightning; the podcast ending with spinning question marks; Dave defending...
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...something and they fly to LONDON which dave briefly forgets but then there's this mad mission impossible style break in to get into the matrix and then they have to be all...
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#347 - Adam McKay

The Empire Film Podcast
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14033 Lalo Schifrin Piano Works

Classical Music Discoveries
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#324 - Christopher McQuarrie

The Empire Film Podcast
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