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Dan is the man is BACK! Listen to the MYTHS of St. Patrick's Day and find out how he takes all the LIMELIGHT! Just 2 examples of the RnR...
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Richard Patrick shares the history of Filter, the stories behind 'Short Bus', 'Title of Record', the vinyl...
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St. Patrick's Day 17 #450

Marc Gunn, The Triskells, Whiskey Bay Rovers, Nick Metcalf, We Banjo 3, Ed Miller, Sliotar, Rambling Sailors
17 Irish and Celtic songs and tunes for St Patrick’s Day on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The Triskells, Flowers of Edinburgh, 3 Pints...
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St Patrick's Day Whiskey #399

Marc Gunn, Clan Celtica,Ella Roberts,Celtic Woman, Bangers and Mash
We're warming for St. Patrick's Day with flowing whiskey on show #399 of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. http://bestcelticmusic.net/ Beyond...
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Happy St Patrick's Day with 17 Free Celtic MP3s for the holiday on show #350. You'll enjoy Celtic...
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St Patrick's Day Songs #248

Marc Gunn, Whiskey in the Jar, Rising of the Moon, An irish Lullaby
...after all, to help Celtic bands sell more music. This week, I'm featuring my St. Patrick's Day album called "Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day". If you enjoy it, please...
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St. Patrick's Day Playlist #137

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
St Patrick’s Day playlist with Irish Celtic music from Duncan Ross Cameron, The Tea Merchants, Vicki Swan...
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...for each other! Joining us in the bunker this week is a very special guest, PATRICK ROTHFUSS! Patrick joins us to discuss evil, happiness and World Building! Enjoy the show and...
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St. Patrick's Day Gift #222

Marc Gunn, Tuatha de Danann
St Patrick’s Day comes early. Kilkelly, Ireland as a single. Johnny Jump Up as a folk song...
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Happy St Patrick’s Day! There's a leprechaun in this week's show. We'll practice social distancing through podcasts. Plus,...
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It’s a St Patrick’s Day Warm Up show. What’s your guilty pleasure? I share mine in the Pub Songs...
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Patrick Shearn, Greenbuild, cargo shorts

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Frances Anderton)
Artist Patrick Shearn, known for his eye-popping music festival installations, goes public, with musical clouds inside Walt...
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Brothers Patrick and John Collison founded and sold their first company before they turned 20. They created...
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Lesson 87. St Patricks' Day

Irish Guitar Podcast
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New Classical Tracks: Patrick Hawes

New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher
New Classical Tracks: Patrick Hawes
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