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Flux : The Gist
...Don’t Run”—by Liam Boylan-Pett, who also joins us in the studio.  In the Spiel, the Trump reelection campaign’s bizarre memo to all “Television Producers” leans on cherry-picked quotes. Learn more about...
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Flux : The Gist
...Gist, guest host Max Kerman considers why politicians are getting duped by Sacha Baron Cohen. Trump has lied so many times since he took office that it’s difficult for the normal...
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Flux : The Gist
On The Gist, before Donald Trump’s headline-hogging presidency, things like bridge collapses made news for more than a few days.  In...
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Flux : The Gist
...Today on The Gist, investigative reporter David Cay Johnston, who has been reporting on President Trump long enough to simply call him Donald. Johnston has an appreciation for Donald’s trademark swindles:...
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Flux : The Gist
When can we expect the first tell-all book by a former Trump administration official? David Rosenthal explains the physics of personal memoirs and dishes about what he’s...
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Trump's inauguration, developer donations

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The chairman of President-elect Trump's inauguration committee says to expect a tone of "soft sensuality" at Friday's inauguration. What on...
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Trump’s COVID-19 treatment

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On Monday night, President Trump downplayed the severity of COVID-19, even as the death toll in the U.S. surpassed 210,000.
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When Trump Met Kim

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President Trump says you can sleep better, now that North Korea is no longer a threat. Rob...
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President Trump lashes out

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Trump criticizes the media. Monument removal and Republicans
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Donald Trump's bad week

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When a report filled with unsubstantiated allegations of Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russian government began circulating throughout various media outlets, newspapers declined to publish...
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A predictable outcome in President Donald Trump’s Senate trial will have unpredictable effects on executive power and congressional oversight—but probably not on...
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Flux : The Gist
On the Gist, caravans of Trump supporters. In the interview, Mike talks with NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik on the organization’s...
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...the second of our five-part series, Vox’s Nicole Narea and Jenn Williams explain how President Trump has fundamentally changed the perception of the United States at home and abroad. Transcript at...
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