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Flux : Nerdette
Bitch Magazine's online editor Sarah Mirk stops by to nerd out about making and reading comics,...
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...the Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette segment. Our final Main Attraction for our Exorcise theme is Death Spa (AKA Witch Bitch).  Since our last podcast we've released a new Night of the Comic and High Five...
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...her "Dr. Stevens." However, some of the kids have other names for Monica, including "White Bitch." Alex Massa is a trumpet player from the Black Hills of South Dakota, and possibly...
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...language included) conversation about her experience as a Mompreneur.  Denise is the creator of Lucky Bitch, a company that provides education and support to women who want to break through their...
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...Fight  EP 68: Bayard Rustin, & The Texas Rangers EP 73: Biphobia EP 77: Goldie Bitch EP 78: Treshella  EP 83: Greenwood Massacre, The AIDS Quilt, & Catwoman Review EP 89:...
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TIKTOK feat. Ali Macofsky

Joey Bergren & Justin Sherman
...THE POD: We welcome ALI MACOFSKY (@notalimac) to review TIKTOK!  Check out her podcast RESTING BITCH and follow her on instagram @notalimac
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...[Willie Birch][link1] and [Dawn Dedeaux][link2] mix it up with [Emcee Nesby Phipps][link3] over art, music, "bitches", civil rights, hip-hop, and more "bitches". [link1]: http://www.arthurrogergallery.com/dynamic/artist.asp?artistid=6 [link2]: http://www.dawndedeaux.com/ [link3]: http://www.nesbyphips.com/www.nesbyphips.com/BOOM%21.html
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DftUnderground Episode 344

Dispatches from the Underground
Naomi Scott of the band Basic Bitches gets down to talk about the band, the new compilation of NY and NJ-based grrrl...
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Ep. 49: B

Rebel Songs
B, bitches.
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