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...If you gave up on quinoa, you can take it up again with a clean conscience. But that's not to say all is perfect. In this episode, the impact of high...
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Come The Day...

Team Ungagged!
Flux : Ungagged!
...  With music from: Andrea Heins, Argonauts, Gallo Rojo, Girobabies, Husky Tones, Joe Solo, Kes' Conscience,  Roy Møller,  Babel fish Project, The Hurriers, The Kara Sea.   Edited, produced and sworn...
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...* The Kittens 2 * You're falling in love * Betty Everett 3 * My conscience * The Lovelites 4 * Wait for me * The Montclairs 5 * Let me...
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14030 Mozart: Il re pastore, K. 208

Classical Music Discoveries
...demands of love against the demands of kingship, as Aminta, the shepherd-king, tussles with his conscience, and in this Il re pastore is closer in theme to Idomeneo than any other...
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...building of America, and all civilization, and the role of both politics and men of conscience within that world. Heady stuff, but also the very core of what Westerns are all...
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Flux : To the Point
...if we are faced with a crisis.”  The book has chapter headings like “Shocking the Conscience” and “Unhinged,” leading Trump to denounce their reporting as “Fake News” that’s part of a...
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...In The Morning Early - Michelle Burke - Step Into My Parlour 09 - War Has No Conscience - The Churchfitters - Get Wise 10 - Whistlin Rufus - The Ragtime Skedaddlers - Ragtime Skedaddlers 11 -...
...Voyage dans le temps et l’espace mondial pour l’acquisition d’une ligne de corps impeccable, d’une conscience politique minimale, d’une musculature harmonieuse et d’une VO2 max de bâtard.e. Aujourd’hui, c’est les vacances...
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...- Gang Starr                        14.Guilty Conscience (feat. Dr. Dre) - Eminem                 15.Ms. Fat Booty...
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Shoot First

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Bob Carlson)
Flux : UnFictional
...chicks to stand on the casket of murder victims, to represent pecking away at the conscience of the murderer. (All photos by Alecs Ongcal)
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Science Fiction Convention Music for 2017 #149

Marc Gunn, Pirates, Dragons, Hobbits, Science Fiction Conventions
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webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
Flux : Film Reviews
...the possibility of healing—of the aggrieved coming to see that their enemies have souls and consciences, just as they do; of unthinkable alliances being forged, if only temporarily, for the common...
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MHFS 264

Mike Harding
...Man From Luddenden Dean – Bob Pegg – The Last Wolf 23 War Has No Conscience – Churchfitters – Old Friends CD 1 24 Woodbrook – Michael O’Suilleabhain – Gaiseadh (Flowing) ...
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47 Westworld (2016)

marielouise@filmoddity.com (Marie-Louise Gariépy et Nicolas Petsilas)
...l’intrigue en dédale, typique des frères Nolan, pour proposer une réelle réflexion philosophique sur l’émergence de la conscience et le rapport entre l’intelligence humaine et l’intelligence artificielle. Quoi de mieux pour délier les langues...
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...5:57 The Number of the Beast 1982 Adrian Smith 42 1:22:38 Sean Filkins Prisoner of Conscience Pt 1 – The Soldier 19:19 War and Peace & Other Short Stories 2011 39...
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