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...comedy” subgenre after discussing news of Bloodline being cancelled by Netflix and Star Trek Discovery’s delay. Then, for potpourri, they talk about Harley and the Davidsons, and Black Mirror. Introducing the...
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Another delay for CSC and aerospace companies call on PM to move on Super Hornets In this...
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...also talk briefly about fictional presidents, Black Mirror, Ouija: Origin of Evil, The Dark Tower delay, and more. This week’s sponsor: Westworld FM Join the OV Facebook Group! You can donate...
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...Trek Parody “Unbelievable” Release Information, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow, and What AMC and Regal Cinema’s Delayed Opening Means
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...talk about a guitar with a Metal Zone for a preamp, a crazy Fisher Price delay and an old imported Les Paul featuring a beautiful German cut top. For this week's...
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This week’s podcast covers Wonder Woman 1984’s delay, casting for Joker plus lots of images for The Kitchen, Bane in Gotham, and John Wesley Shipp in “Elseworlds”. The...
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Sorry for the delay (we had some issues getting this episode ready and uploaded for you) but finally the...
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Flux : Toku Podcast
DELAYED SPOOK. Apologies for the delay and the sound quality (we're going to invest in a...
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Helloooo Jazzmenteerz...... Yes delayed but this show is for Nevember 27, 2019, but just pretend you heard it then........
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Water prices, AWI audit, Basin review delay, rare fish
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TM Podcast 052: Jay Leonard J and Blake Talk NAMM

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
...nice! It is also brought to you by the Alexander Pedals Ski Fi reverb and delay. If you want a killer pristine delay with infinite sustain abilities, this is for you....
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Puroresu potpourri returns yet again! With a little delay STRIGGA & Dylan added even more talking points to their already stacked list for their...
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Autumn review

Monocle 24
We welcome Rob Orchard, editor of ‘Delayed Gratification’, and interview Steven Gregor, editor of ‘Gym Class Magazine’.
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If you want to delay doing something, where do you kick it?! We have the answer here.
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In this episode, we talk about analog delays, digital delays, digital models of analog delays, and analog delays that sound digital but are...
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