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...folks at Wizard World! www.genesimmonsaxe.com/ SEE GENE at the Philadelphia Wizard world Con & the Gene Simmons Band LIVE!!!! www.wizardworld.com/vip-package/gene-simmons-vip-experience-philadelphia-2017 Rate us on iTunes, “like” us on Facebook, and join the “PodKISSt...
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...the usual news and gossip. As an added bonus, Dennis goes on a rant about Gene Simmons .
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Ken Kelly dropped by for an interesting little chat about KISS, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons , and Vampirella!
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This week we review GENE SIMMONS VAULT DISC 2.. Plus whats up with the VINNIE VINCENT shows?
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Rock and/or Roll
...of the PodKISSt where BJ, Ken Mills, Craig Cohen and Jeff Hulit dismantled the 1984 Gene Simmons starring vehicle Runaway.
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182 - Deuce

Pod of Thunder
...break down "Deuce" from 1974's self-titled album.    Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, pod of thunder, deuce, gene simmons , paul stanley, ace frehley, peter criss
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...with Fever: Chris, Nick, and Andy break down "Burning Up with Fever" from the 1978 Gene Simmons solo album. Also, the guys discuss the upcoming Indianapolis KISS Expo...again.
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214 - Freak

Pod of Thunder
...2012's Monster.   Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, pod pf thunder, kiss army, freak, monster, paul stanley, gene simmons , tommy thayer, eric singer
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171 - Shandi

Pod of Thunder
...from 1980's Unmasked.   Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, pod of thunder, unmasked, shandi, paul stanley, gene simmons , ace frehley, peter criss, anton fig
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PRC Live - Phil Shouse

PRC Live chats with Phil Shouse of the Ace Frehley Band, the Gene Simmons Band and Thee Rock N Roll Residency
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267 - Exciter

Pod of Thunder
...Lick It Up. Tags: pod of thunder, kiss, kiss podcast, kiss army, paul stanley, vinnie vincent, gene simmons , eric carr, exciter, lick it up
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168 - I'm Alive

Pod of Thunder
...1985's Asylum.   Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, pod of thunder, i'm alive, asylum, paul stanley, gene simmons , bruce kulick, eric carr
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219 - Secretly Cruel

Pod of Thunder
...break down "Secretly Cruel" from 1985's Asylum. Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, pod of thunder, kiss army, gene simmons , secretly cruel, asylum, paul stanley, eric carr, bruce kulick
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197 - Stand

Pod of Thunder
...Boom.    Tags: kiss, kiss podcast, kiss army, pod of thunder, sonic boom, stand, paul stanley, gene simmons , eric singer, tommy thayer
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...Rock N Pod Expo and talked about the song "Pride" which was a collaboration with Gene Simmons of KISS. Visit Matt's website (https://www.mattmccormackmusic.com/) to hear the song.
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