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Sinnamon Love on Sex, Love, and Hip Hop

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Flux : Alt.Latino
Hip-hop scholar Jason Nichols says hip-hop in Latin America is more than just music — it's...
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The Tragically Hip have been mentioned a few times on the show, but we’ve never gotten around to reviewing...
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Flux : Popcast
...young stars have more reverence for the genre’s pioneers, and vice versa? A conversation about hip-hop’s latest generation-gap struggles.
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This episode was recorded during the End Hip End It Psychedelic music festival in Old Town Spring on October 22rd. We had an...
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Jonathan Gold dines at Hip Hot in Monterey Park

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This week, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold dines at Hip Hot, Tiantian Qiu’s Sichuan seafood restaurant in Monterey Park. Find out the dishes Jonathan recommends...
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Ep 55: Professor Elemental - World's Worst Hip-Hop Album

Hosted by Ben Van der Velde and Barry McStay
...through the hardy thickets of undergrowth that make up the choices of the world's worst hip-hop album. Joined by the indomitable Professor Elemental - the finest exponent of chap-hop and owner...
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Flux : Alt.Latino
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Flux : Popcast
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On this episode of Totally Driven Radio, Bay sits down with Hip Hop Star Jerm Realadel from Philly about his new single "CooCoo", his career, brand, and...
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...clap along if you... Read More The post AEE 85: What Happiness Means to American Hip-Hop Artist Pharrell appeared first on All Ears English Podcast | Real English Vocabulary | Conversation...
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Flux : Popcast
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Flux : Popcast
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