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Flux : Pantheon
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...no sex)  and Mimi has matured into a respected academic who is head of the Sociology Department at Tulane University and a world authority on polyamory and Queer Studies. Melissa and...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
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Flux : Nerdette
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...an expert on nutrition, animal rights, disease prevention, soy agriculture, gluten anything and everything, cooking, travel, sociology, religion and even psychology. To this I always say, you don't need to be an...
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Flux : April
...des données de santé, et chercheuse en sciences sociales au département de recherche SENSE pour Sociology and Economics of Networks and Services à Orange Labs et Olivier Ertzscheid. Bonjour. Olivier Ertzscheid :...
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Flux : Civis Podcast
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Flux : Le 5/7
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