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Auragraph: “Polywave”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...Auragraph, in 2018, after years of producing music under different monikers. "Polywave" leans toward ambient synths, while merging analog drumbeats. 
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Chris Atwood chats with 80s synth-pop icon Howard Jones about the past, present, future and current Songs & Stories tour.
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...showcase of hardcore Seattle electronics. Dull Knife is Adam Svenson (bass, vocals) and Garek Druss (synth, drum machine and vocals).
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Episode 287: Feel It In My Bones

Searching For A Thread
A weird mix of outsider rock, cosmic synth producers, home grown space cowboys and some left-field 60s psych for good measure.
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Flux : Live on KEXP
Berlin keyboardist and composer Nils Frahm plays a set of moody synth jams live on KEXP. Recorded 9/26/2013 - 2 songs: Says, More
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...for some industrial atmospheres to sink into. Featuring Dean Moore (electro-acoustic percussion) and Noisepoetnobody (modular synth and voice).
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...Halloween franchise defined the slasher film formula for decades to come. But for fans of synthwave music (and the use of synth in cinema), we have Carpenter to thank for that...
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Flux : The Hustle
Producer/Engineer/Mixer Gareth Jones didn't set out to be the "synth guy", but that didn't stop him from working closely with some of the greatest synth...
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Flux : The Hustle
Anthony Kaczynski was the lead singer of the great Detroit synth band Figures on a Beach throughout the 80s. They started out as a more avant-garde...
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...a new fuzz coming from Wampler? Is Blake putting down his guitar to play the synth? He talks about his desire to acquire a Fender Rhodes piano and how that led...
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L.A. disco-not-disco duo De Lux know how to make us dance with a distinct 80’s synth sound, and a stream of consciousness lyrical style. "Keyboards Cause We're Black and White" is...
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...Racer Sessions collective, featuring Simon Henneman (guitar), Natalie Hall (cello), Vincent LaBelle (trombone), Aaron Otheim (synth) and Gregg Keplinger (drums).
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...joined by Otis Fodder (samples), Angelina Baldoz (trumpet), James Reynolds (sax), Mishka Morris (cello), Ffeg (synth) and Carl Farrow (processing). First heard in 2002.
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Calling from a coastal bluff, West Coast Fog gets into some seaside synths, ecology odes, contemporary sinfonias, and more. All from '80s to '90s tapes this week.
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West Coast Fog 9/18/18

West Coast Fog radio
Broadcasted live from a hilltop in Mendocino. Synth frontiersmen, Women's wordsmithery, Spiritual wellness pop-chants... all West Coast... all '80s and '90s... all Bliss...
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