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Loren Bouchard - Bob's Burgers (Theme Song)

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Flux : Song Exploder
...instruments. In this episode, he talks about which ones went into the theme, and the emotions he wanted to evoke with each of them. Plus a few thoughts from cast members...
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Friendship and love on the one hand and hatred on the other hand are emotions that are closer than one might think so this week's Eastern Lariat episode focuses on...
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...- Drifting IQ - For Another Lifetime Oryzhein - Le Mirroir Shamall - World of Emotions Los Exploradores - Metroparis/Genie Type A Zaum - Pantheon Van Der Graaf Generator - The...
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Flux : Bookworm
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...been waiting patiently for the semi-annual “torture O'Brien” episode, your wait is over, because his emotions take a pounding in this one. Our favorite enlisted engineer is drafted into a sting...
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Episode 356: Cookbook Albums & Playing in the Grey

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Flux : Snacky Tunes
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14057 Mara Gibson: Sky-Born

Classical Music Discoveries
Shocking, gripping, and thought-provoking, Mara Gibson's new album SKY-BORN conjures a flurry of emotions through its moody music. In one moment, the busy strings create a fury of anxious,...
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Episode 18: The Reichenbach Fall

The Baker Street Babes
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...from other ancient philosophies like Aristotelian virtue ethics. Donald then explains the Stoic approach to emotions and the common misconceptions people have about Stoicism in that regard. We then dig into...
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