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...from the release, it's easy to see why, as 2000s bands such as The Decemberists, Arcade Fire , Beruit, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and more picked-up on the lo-fi, psychedlic sounds...
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Flux : Planet Money
...out of opera singer Maria Callas under his arm, to play a composition by the Arcade Fire 's Richard Reed Parry called "French Guitars." The piece, which features The National's Bryce and...
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Episode 98: Frolicking

Agony Aunt Studios
...Jail Adam Ant - Stand and Deliver Holly GoLightly and the Brokeoffs - Devil Do Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Powers Out) The Scarring Party - Leslie Ann Merrimac Ute Lemper -...
Medium 36782cfbce9466448e405b3bebd5b48c12822228
...- My Imaginary Friend Jo Gabriel - God Grant She Lye Still Unwoman - Trouble Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Powers Out) Logo: David Göbel, bulletride.deProduced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by...
Medium 36782cfbce9466448e405b3bebd5b48c12822228
...Blood Flogging Molly - Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon Sterilize Stereo - Annie Magee Arcade Fire - Haiti The Divine Comedy - My Imaginary Friend Squirrel Nut Zippers - That Fascinating...
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BRB UK 276: Papa Costello

dave@bigredbarrel.com (BigRedBarrel.com)
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Top Ten Lists

Will's Band of the Week
...lists for 2010:   Will's Top Ten 1. Avi Buffalo 2. The Soft Pack 3. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs 4. Best Coast - Crazy For You 5. The National - High...
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...Stankonia (2000) Clem Snide - Your Favorite Music (2000) Clap Your Hand Say Yeah (2005) Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007) Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle (2002) Andrew...
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Flux : Planet Money
...guitar for synths and pulsing soundscapes. Bands that once dominated many top 10 lists — Arcade Fire , Grizzly Bear, The xx — all released records that fell way below expectations.There was...
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Episode 168: Stomp, Stomp

Agony Aunt Studios
...& Her Happy Hookers - Dames a Dime a Dozen T-Rex - Ballrooms of Mars Arcade Fire - Wake Up The Scarring Party - Losing Teeth Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox...
Medium 36782cfbce9466448e405b3bebd5b48c12822228
...- William Howard Taft The Futureheads - Hounds of Love Man Man - Engrish Bwudd Arcade Fire - Wake Up Ralph Schuckett with Richard Butler et al. - Alabama Song They Might...
Medium 36782cfbce9466448e405b3bebd5b48c12822228
...As We Came Danbert Nobacon - Information Storm Bat for Lashes - Horse and I Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Powers Out) Jonathan Coulton - I Crush Everything Nick Cave and the...
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