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Episode 171: Beyond Bratwurst

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German cuisine is often thought of as brats and not much else. Ursula Heinzelmann is here...
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Philippe Brenninkmeyer

Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
Philippe Brenninkmeyer (Super Troopers, Beerfest, Slammin' Salmon, Babymakers). He's been a swinging German, the Beerfest Ringmaster, an angry fish customer and more. What you may not know is...
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'La La Land,' Mann house, underwater pavilions

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...the romantic musical La La Land, from famed landmarks to infamous freeway traffic jams. The Germans come to the rescue of a Modernist house in the Pacific Palisades built by "father...
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Episode 25: 14025 Mahler: Symphony No. 7

Classical Music Discoveries
...to the scoring. It is sometimes referred to by the title Song of the Night (German: Lied der Nacht), which Mahler never knew (and certainly would be unlikely to have sanctioned)....
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Flux : SpyCast
Leading up to the US entry into WWII, Germany set up a sophisticated and productive espionage ring, which effectively utilized well-placed German Americans in...
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...lecturer at the Met Opera Guild, and she is a language enthusiast, fluent in English, German, Italian, French, and Russian. Jane will be our language expert for today’s episode, and she...
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German-born politics student and activists Gesine Wittrich is currently on her semester abroad at the Institut...
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...soon as they knew it was women inside the rickety biplanes they couldn’t catch, the Germans called us witches. It was because of the sounds our idling planes made from the ground,...
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Passport enquiries to the German embassy from British Jews have risen sharply since the EU referendum. Michael Newman, the chief...
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Flux : SpyCast
...Vince Houghton sat down with historian Doug Selvage to discuss the archives of the East German Ministry of State Security, the Stasi. Dr. Selvage, Project Director in the Office of the...
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The Flying Dutchman (German: Der fliegende Holländer), WWV 63, is a German-language opera, with libretto and music by Richard...
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Monocle’s Anna Siwecka cycles around the German town of Potsdam in search of some of the country’s best cafés.
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Pittsburgh Concert Chorale Music Director Katherine Mueller previews "The German Romantics," featuring choral works by Mendelssohn, Brahms and Schubert.
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...visit Occidental Brewing in Portland, Oregon, to talk to brewer Sam Carroll about brewing delicious German-style beers.
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...Valley Brewing Company brewmaster Fal Allen talks about his new book, Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era.
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