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...to Korvavev, and the two idly chat away.  Crux has the results of their Strigan parasite screenings and goes to deliver them to the anxious Doctor Tetsuo.  As the crew gets...
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50.3 The Doll

The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
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Post-Oscars bonus banter!

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Flux : The Business
...backlash to nominees once again being #OscarsSoWhite, the actual ceremony served up some history-making moments. "Parasite," the first Korean film ever even nominated for an Oscar took home the biggest prize...
...Dü - Chinese Rocks Plurals - Green Eyes Autogramm - Walk Don't Talk 2 Me Parasite Diet - They Don't Know Kirsty MacColl - You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby...
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...Description by The CW for Supergirl 2.06: "The Guardian debuts to lend a hand after a parasite alien drains Supergirl of her power. Mon-El considers a less than desirable new career which...
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Flux : ScannerDrome
...(Lola feels regret that she didn’t know the other guy’s name who did the comic.) Parasite Briarpatch Dare Me Honey Boy Timmy Failure Aladdin Beyond the Sky Ragnarok Birds of Prey...
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Flux : Science Vs
...Extra reading Judy Wu-Smart’s study on how neonicotinoid pesticides affect queen beesDave Goulson’s round-up of the parasites that plague beesA comprehensive laundry list of all the factors that make the world inhospitable...
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Flux : Rock Bottom
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...Amon Warmann has a chat with the legendary Bong Joon Ho about his Oscar-nominated cracker, Parasite. And Chris Hewitt sits down with Queen & Slim star, Daniel Kaluuya, for a conversation...
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Flux : 60MW
...Invisible Man The Lion King The Kid Who Would Be King *** Shazam Pet Sematary Parasite ** DOUDLE DIP MOVIES: Spenser Confidential How To Be A Latin Lover * Dave's recommended....
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Flux : The Sporkful
...hear her take on a popular Korean dish that was renamed for the Oscar-winning film, Parasite. Get access to 500+ more Sporkful episodes and lots of other Stitcher goodness when you...
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Flux : Gone Mental
...In Pieces | Hillbilly Family Epileptic Hillbillys | Tales From The Underworld | Secrets The Parasites | Make You Sick | Achy Breaky Hooker Heart The Matadors | The Devil's Music...
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40k Arena 5 - Grotesques vs Ogryns

Roll To Seize: A Warhammer 40K Podcast
...of one Haemonculus. Who will win? Tune in and find out!    Featherweight Match: 2 Cronos Parasite Engines vs 10 Thousand Son Rubric Marines Main Event: 5 Grotesques vs 4 Ogryns Join...
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Flux : Heat Rocks
...from Headless Heroes unless indicated otherwise): “Jagger The Dagger” Chicano Batman: “Freedom is Free” Freedom Is Free “The Parasite” “Supermarket Blues” “Lovin Man” John Lennon: “Instant Karma” Gene McDaniels: “Tower of Strength” Tower of Strength...
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