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...Stroll through the aisles of competitive parenting and grab a bag of miniature oranges for soccer later. On your way out linger over a jumbo pack of hot takes on the...
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After the Nazis invaded Kiev, a bakery owner asked some Ukrainian soccer players to form a team. Their team was pitted against occupying powers. Many say their...
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Chris's Top Ten for 2020

Will's Band of the Week
Chris’s Top Ten for 2020 Hazel English -- Wake UP! Beach Bunny -- Honeymoon Soccer Mommy -- Color Theory The Beths -- Jump Rope Gazers Gum Country -- Somewhere En...
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MBMBaM 53: Doctor Jamilton

shows@mbmbam.com (Justin McElroy)
...and God. Suggested talking points: Back-up Lover, Sex and Robotics, Potluck Contest, Nakedness, Food Babies, Soccer Wedding, Jim Charm, Mister Brad, Hug Safari
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...a cornucopia of clips from LRB past that are even more satisfying than a six-course soccer snack and a side of mystery dairy. We’ve got one of our Phyllis phaves, an...
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Flux : Dad Rock
...Rock" for a generation of fans who proudly rock out while shuttling the kids to soccer practice and piano lessons. Oh, and you'll hear some cool tunes, too!
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Mini-Special: WordCup Germany 2006

quaipau@gmail.com (Paul Alvarez Loeblich)
...about football -the real football, not that thing you play with a kevlar armor-, AKA Soccer! Keeping it really international, it's only one show recorded in three languages, all at the...
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Will's Top Ten for 2020

Will's Band of the Week
...Today The Beths -- Jump Rope Gazers LAKE -- Roundelay Helena Deland -- Someone New Soccer Mommy -- Color Theory  Dead Famous People -- Harry
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Paul Dickov on Coffee, Country & Cody

WSM's Coffee, Country & Cody
Bill Cody & Charlie Mattos get to talk some football...aka soccer with former Manchester City star Paul Dickov, recorded June 13th, 2017 at WSM radio in...
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...Lawrence hits the big time, Bill Murray escapes New York, Nicolas Cage is a wizard, soccer is attacked by killer bees, Christopher Nolan has a blank check, and Patrick Swayze makes...
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Flux : Love, Alexi
...Ramos” on FUSION. Before that, he produced and co-hosted FUSION's weekly round-up sports show, “The Soccer Gods,” AND “Midterm Mayhem,” alongside Kal Penn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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VHUS Rare! v.4

Uncle D.L.
...commentaries! What occurred? WITHIN TEMPTATION! Debut of The Devil! BLIND GUARDIAN! Uncle's InBox: Truckers vs. Soccer Moms! OPETH! Is there a Very Heavy Aunt? AVATARIUM! Web-dating for ladies over 40: Prologue....
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Flavor Living Radio...Talks to Brazil..about culture, history and theWorld Cup Soccer..   We listen in to Luisof Around SP, a Tour guide service from the city of...
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Flux : Who Charted?
...Charted! They talk about Jake Paul’s follower fallout and Chris tells how he likes his soccer during the Music Chart. Then, Chris recounts his horror movie roles while they count down...
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...the evening by speaking briefly on the current big news items, the rescue of the soccer team from the cave in Thailand and the world cup soccer in Russia. This lead...
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