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...of Sherlock Holmes love (as always). Holmesian authors Gerry O'Hara and Tracey Revels chat with Babes Maria & Taylor about Sherlock Holmes and the supernatural. From Dracula to Titania with a...
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...writing repetoire including Doctor Who & Torchwood, it's no wonder he is a BBC fav. Babes Curly & Marie (plus Curly's snarky flatmate/BSB Science guru Stephen) got to sit down with...
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...you on a date)? Any questions about the good doctor? Nearly all the Baker Street Babes take you through an episode of John Watson love. THANK YOU to everyone who helped...
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Episode 18: The Reichenbach Fall

The Baker Street Babes
...his therapist, and we start our emotional roller coaster of the Sherlock Series 2 finale. Babes Curly, Ardy, Jenn, Turk, Amy, Maria, and Marie mull over Reichenbach. We console, we laugh,...
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Episode 15: A Game of Shadows

The Baker Street Babes
Babes Curly, Ardy, Taylor, and Marie chat with Honorary Babe Lyndsay Faye about the Guy Ritchie...
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Episode 14: Les Klinger

The Baker Street Babes
...date with Robert Downey Jr, A Study in Sherlock, and quite a bit of banter! Babes: Curly, Ardy, and Jenn. Stayed tuned also from a message from Maria (from Episode 2!)...
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Episode 13: Undershaw

The Baker Street Babes
...episode, but also a lot of laughs, and even some anger. It's an important one. Babes: Curly, Ardy, and MarieGuests: Lynn Gale and Alistair DuncanFor information on Undershaw please go to...Follow...
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Episode 12: Anthony Horowitz

The Baker Street Babes
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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

The Baker Street Babes
...20 countries and panelists from all walks of Sherlockiana, including yours truly! The Baker Street Babes captained Team 1: BBC Sherlock in the debate to see which Sherlock Holmes adaptation has...
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...Chinese, some Christmas wishlists, and enough laughter to go around as always, Episode 11 features Babes Curly, Jenn, and Kafers. Stick around for a message from Ardy and a beautiful song...
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...Thursday 10th November at 8pm GMT (3pm EST).   Charlotte's Blog: Dan's Blog: Baker Street Babes' Bookshop:
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...great battle of nefarious naughty boys, will Charles August Milverton or Professor Moriarty prove victorious? Babes Curly, Ardy, Jenn, & Kafers tackle the villains of the Sherlock Holmes world in this...
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Sherlock Panel at Dragon*Con

The Baker Street Babes
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