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...17:57 Fiddlin’ - 26:37 Film School Africa - 30:07 Live the Stream - 33:47 Bullitt County - 41:03 Miss Arizona - 50:00 A Thousand Miles Behind - 56:15  The Samuel Project...
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...Carpet 2 - 34:21 Arbella Studios' Emanuel - 36:25 Live the Stream - 43:44 Bullitt County - 49:02 Howard - 54:24 On Her Shoulders - 59:25 Alone in the Game &...
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Paul Connolly
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Guests April Putney, Campaign Manager for Move King County Now and Statewide Policy and Advocacy Campaign Manager for Futurewise, and Andrew Austin, Policy Director...
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Guest Mike Lufkin, Local Food Economy Manager, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, speaks with Diane Horn about King County's Local Food...
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California’s new voting system

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...Now voters can go to one of the nearly 1,000 community voting centers around the county. The first ones open on Saturday.
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LA County continues to be the nation’s hotspot for COVID-19 cases. The county has been averaging around...
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Homelessness is a state-wide crisis

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...grew by 16% in the city last year. Homelessness is up by 40% in Orange County, and 17% in San Francisco. This is a bigger problem than any one city or...
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Suburban ‘Centennial’ mega-project moves forward

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Frances Anderton)
Los Angeles County's Regional Planning Commission today approved the conversion of thousands of acres of open space on...
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Mike Lufkin

Mind Over Matters Sustainability Segment
Guest Mike Lufkin, Local Food Economy Manager, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, speaks with Diane Horn about King County’s Local Food...
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...will be sworn in Thursday. Among them are California Democrats Katie Hill from Northern LA County, and Katie Porter from Orange County. Both flipped Republican House seats. KCRW’s Michell Eloy is...
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...last minute playlist...some gentle sounds for listeners who've had a tough week here in Sonoma County. Songs of reflection take center stage on Deeper Roots where the scheduled playlist was a...
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Homelessness in LA County dropped 3 percent from last year. Sounds like good news for Mayor Eric Garcetti, who...
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Guest Dow Constantine, King County Executive and Chair of the Sound Transit Board, speaks with Diane Horn about Regional Proposition...
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