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Hello! In this episode I caught up with European muay thai champion SHANE O'NEILL. In this episode we discuss how things have changed in...
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...by Vladimir Putin—and it seems likely to work. Our correspondent finds that the tired stereotypes European Union countries have about their neighbours are pervasive even at the heart of the European...
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Flux : Up First
What does U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland's public testimony in the impeachment inquiry reveal?
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The St. Cecilia Chamber Music Society performs works inspired by folk music from the European Romani people.
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...son, Drew, joins the panel as they taste three beers made with low alpha acid European hops.
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...talks all things Dubrovniks – from the band’s early days with Roddy Ray’da through to European festival success - and the band’s ultimate demise in 1995 - we leave no stone...
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...East drop by to play us a few indie-folk tracks in the midst of their European tour.
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...The World Turned Day-Glo 12. The Cravats, Duelling Saxophones 13. Atomic Rooster, Devil's Answer 14. Europeans, Europeans 15. The Cure, 10.15 Saturday Night 16. Rattles, Devil's On The Loose 17. Gyro,...
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Talking Sport

David Bailey
This week we talk sport and the differences between northern european and western balkan cultures (well we try). PLUS some great Balkans Music
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...the smallest capital cities in Europe that's been a melting pot of Middle Eastern and European influences for centuries.
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...chef Gaz Oakley’s top vegan dishes, a Croatian festival for the best Central and East European chocolate, plus the week’s top headlines from Italy.
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Sergiu (Accordion) and Jessica (Violin) are Montreal-based musicians who play a wide variety of Eastern European music including Klezmer, Gypsy, Russian, Turkish, and Balkan.
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The French election and the future of Europe

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Warren Olney)
Flux : To the Point
...Pen, but nationalist populism is alive and well — in France and elsewhere in the European Union. 
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...and Anna discuss facial recognition for chickens, the whales older than Moby Dick, and the European Space Agency's rockin' sound system.
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Episode 56 Ameranouche

Classical Guitar Insider
With the instrumentation of an early European jazz ensemble, this group of fusion players reference Andalusia, Americana and Django Reinhardt. It's Django Unchained!  
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