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...the forums! A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED: WonderSwan Insert Credit "Last Letter" Forum Game Sega Dreamcast Vectrex Multicart Spike Atari Jaguar Hyundai Genesis Scott Cawthon donates to Trump, other GOP...
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BRB UK 411: The Hopning

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...topics: 505 announce Indivisible’s production has ended PlayStation 5 Backwards compatibility and UX features revealed SEGA celebrates its 60th Anniversary with free games Coleman tries to learn about football with FIFA...
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BRB UK 334: Ball-Sniping Gibbons

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...to do some video game based mouth words. On this week’s episode of BRB UK: SEGA pulls Judgment from sale in Japan Sony to acquire Take-Two? Google teases its Future of Gaming Coleman...
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...How To Play Devo On Guitar Bonding With Dad Over Al Green King Sunny Ade Sega CD As A Gateway Kriss Kross  Whodini Is Slept On Rap & Punk Big Up...
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...What’s the relation between video games and glitch art? (18:35) Excluding Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Sega, who are the top 5 console manufacturers? (23:09) From Brandon Sheffield: What are the best...
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...Arment joins us Emulation: RetroPie 8bitdo SN30 Pro Wave Race 64 32X Neo Geo 3DO Sega Saturn Rotary phone Kontra/Konami Code Famicom vs. NES controllers Improving the original experience Nintendo Switch...
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...5 hardware Xbox One S Xbox One X Xbox One S All-Digital Forager Stardew Valley Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Apple Rainbow Apple Logo Returning? Think different #askatp: What are some techniques...
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...Multisystem The Great Giana Sisters Sonic Mania Bullet Witch XCOM Zone of the Enders Dishonored Sega's Eye sound Final Fantasy XIV Dactyl Nightmare Vanquish Bayonetta Collection For PS4 Steelbook Edition Shenmue...
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Medium 4e3df46e0a811aa10b4f35098230e191d464e8de
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...us out! This week's music is from 1986's Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Sega Master System. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/vooksdotnet)
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