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Bye, Bro. In Country Music, It’s the Year of the Gentleman.

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...crisis for most of the 2010s. Is the latest development — kinder men — a solution?
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...over digital evidence, and the sensitivities around the issue often halt discussions before reaching practical solutions. But on July 25, the Center for Strategic and International Studies unveiled a new report...
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...with Marc Bouvrette, President of Gap Wireless, a stocking distributor of mobile broadband and wireless solutions including one of the most impressive suites of vendor partner UAV solutions in North America....
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...Culture, the branch of the internet giant that marries art and technology for both digital solutions and fun.
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K.C. Golden, Policy Director, Climate Solutions, and Diane Horn evaluate our current efforts to fight global warming.
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...This hour, TED's Science Curator David Biello joins Manoush to share some promising and fascinating solutions.
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Guest K.C. Golden, Policy Director, Climate Solutions, speaks with Diane Horn about current efforts to fight global warming.
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Adam Voigt - Director of Adam Voigt Education Solutions - chats to Nick Bennett and Sam Stove on The Daily Drive. Adam would like to...
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Reducing hospital infections

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Sometime simple solutions can have huge benefits.  A group of nurses found putting some money where the mouth...
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Guest Rhys Roth, Director of Strategic Innovation for Climate Solutions, speaks with Diane Horn about the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative.
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Vox's German Lopez explains America's opioid crisis and goes looking for a solution. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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...Brown, President, Public Banking Institute, speaks with Diane Horn about her book "The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity".
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Mahmood Hussein - Drone expert & CEO of Global Drone Solutions - chats to Mieke Buchan, Sam Stove and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about drones...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
Interview with Cara Buscaglia VP Solutions at Talkwalker as we go through the social media rankings on the characters of Game...
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Is solutions-based journalism the future of Canadian news? Journalist Erin Millar is bringing back in-depth investigative journalism...
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