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MAXIMETAL 139 - 12 octubre 2019

MAXIMETAL, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal podcast
...ANNIHILATOR - "I Am Warfare" 5 - IRON CURTAIN - "Wildlife" 6 - NILE - "Vile Nilotic Rites" 7 - LOVEKILLERS - "Higher Again" 8 - HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - "Delusion"...
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...– Deranged Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions – Let Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile)
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...Also listen for a uniquely insane announcer who somehow isn’t American, a baseball team so vile it makes the Yankees kind of likable, and the perfect approach to watching sports without...
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...– Deranged Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions – Let Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile)
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Flux : Live on KEXP
...visions that glide across headphones with as much richness as the languid works of Kurt Vile or Alain Johannes (who also guest on the group's latest album, Elwan.) The desert guitar...
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...down our favorite 20 records of 2018. David's Top Ten Albums of 2018: 10. Kurt Vile: Bottle It In; 9. Parquet Courts: Wide Awake!; 8. Flasher: Constant Image; 7. Colter Wall:...
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new fall

Flux : Schattenjacht
...Kim) Rosso Polare - No. 9 Jim White and Marisa Anderson - The Quickening Kurt Vile - Pearls Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher - Pretty Little Girl Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Ocean...
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...The Music of the Now Age III (V/A) Ben McElroy - "Cetology" - Cetology Kurt Vile - "Freeway" - Constant Hitmaker Blunderphonics - "Shortwave Heartbreak Rides in 1972" - Introducing...Blunderphonics The...
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...all that good tone! Tracks from Nathan Bertta, Raphel Saadig, RJ Mischo, John Hiatt, Kurt Vile, Paul Oscher, Chris Whitley, Liza Ohlback, Robert Connely Farr, Mountain Grey, John Mellencamp, Harrison Kennedy,...
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...Skirt. 10 Jerry Jeff Walker - Jerry Jeff Walker - Hill Country Rain. 11 Kurt Vile - EP - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness. 12 Bon Bon Vivant - Dancing...
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...is the tracklist of this podcast : 01- Jegougou - AmigaVibes Jingle (0'26) 02- Duality Vile - Deathnought Nautilus Stage (3'44) 03- Skeletronic - Chips of Steel (3'26) 04- Mergente -...
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Feel the sting from the vile hand of a new track from Tides Of Sulfur and baptize yourselves in riffery courtesy...
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...of this podcast : Jingle by JGG - AmigaVibes (0'26) Aeginan Andromeda Stage - Duality Vile (4'28) OMG IT'S A CRAB - Ultra Crab Force (4'20) Avalon - T-101/Darklite (3'27) Miami...
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...2018 The Marcus King Band – welcome around here – Carolina Confessions – 2018 Kurt Vile – Loading zones - Bottle It In - 2018 Johnny Hunkins – Henry Jackson -...
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Flux : Schattenjacht
...Eleven Willow Sibylle Baier - Tonight Bill Fay - 'Til The Christ Come Back Kurt Vile - Way Back Then
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