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ET- Billy Sheehan

...The bassist also shares the surprising way he learned how to play the bass, other instrumental pursuits, Mr. Big, Chickenfoot, his thoughts on Van Halen, living Spinal Tap in real life,...
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...the Grammy's controversy about Jennifer Lopez' tribute to Motown. Plus a few 60s rarities, Soul instrumentals, Boogaloo and Tittyshakers are up for grabs.
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Guitarist/composer/pilot GRETCHEN MENN details the making of her new instrumental album, Abandon All Hope. She also reflects on her adventures with Led Zeppelin tribute band,...
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If it ain’t Baroque…

wdav@wdav.org (WDAV Classical Public Radio)
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...Hakim, “Crash” showcases layers of Yanya enigmatic vocals swirling above some of her most fuzzed-out instrumental arrangements yet. Seemingly pulling influence from noise rock, Yanya still maintains the pop-leanings that made...
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GTR-138 - Humidity

Bradley Laird
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...Hour over many appearances, drops in to introduce us to his new EP, The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol.1. This record was made with electronic instruments that are for the most part the...
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