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From the time Frederic Chopin was a child, audiences loved to hear him play the piano. A lot of composers were famous as keyboard players, too: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt...
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In his Military Polonaise, Frederic Chopin uses the piano to imitate the drums that accompanied armies marching into battle. A lot of composers have...
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Gracie And Rachel mix piano pop with darker, classic violin arrangements to make songs full of mystery and tension. They're...
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James Corden

BBC Radio 4
...come true." Record: Days Like this - Van Morrison Book: A book to learn the piano Luxury: A piano Producer: Leanne Buckle.
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Episode 23: 15023 In Your Head

Classical Music Discoveries
Acclaimed piano four-hand duo Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt come together once more for IN YOUR HEAD,...
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...we preview the April 18, 2018 concert of La Musica International Chamber Music Festival. Bernstein, Piano Trio Federico Agostini, Christine Lee, Derek Han Brahms, Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano in...
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"Last Date"

Floyd Cramer
Here is one I have worked out , which is a piano tune I have always loved. It's really fun to play on the banjo. Key of...
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Dawn Clement and Ryan Burns play a lovely set of duets for piano, fender rhodes and organ.
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...this session, Kristopher Wettstein performs "Tent of Meeting", an experiment in loving action for solo piano.
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This session features new 20th century music for prepared piano, looped slide guitar, and fine-tuned listening.
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New music from Kenny Mandell (woodwinds, percussion), Tim Volpicella (electric guitar) and Curtis Dahl (piano and keys).
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Freely improvised music featuring Ryan Burns (piano), Geoff Harper (bass), Brad Gibson (drums) and Denny Goodhew (percussion).
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...improvised acoustic music that feels like the weather, featuring Lori on cello and Dana on piano.
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...Reservoir, Gordi keeps her voice both unadorned and centered within warm, cool arrangements that include piano, guitar, pedal steel, a harmonium named Barbara, and more.
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Inspired by violinist Niccolo Paganini, Franz Liszt became a piano superstar. Many classical music superstars followed, including Jan Paderewski, Jenny Lind, Van Cliburn, Enrico Caruso,...
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