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Flux : Sean Vs. Wild
...Wednesdays, Sean's love of Veronica Mars, Quentin Tarantino themed costume parties, going to comic conventions, Dungeons & Dragons , and her favorite cosplay. Fire up your Atari 2600s, break out your 20 sided...
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Flux : Sean Vs. Wild
...how you can join the Roller Girls! Sean also talks with them about country music, Dungeons & Dragons , similarities between playing in a band and playing team sports, and of course...  the...
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E8: “Not Well Loved, But Very Interesting”

austinrich@gmail.com (Angela & Austin)
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Dying Scene Radio – Episode 23

Dying Scene Radio (Official)
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Bonus Level! + Turn Life into a Game Part 2 + Habitica + Leslie + 009

+7 Intelligence | Ches Hall | Gaming Enthusiast
...games hold the key to so many productivity efforts: motivation How Pokémon (aka Pokemon) and Dungeons & Dragons influenced the design of Habitica How Habitica toes the line between being a game and...
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Flux : Do Go On
...albums to be covered on Listen Now: https://www.eSurveysPro.com/Survey.aspx?id=b43703e6-0295-4c89-9235-c92351a83a48 Buy tickets to The Plumbing Boys Play/Ruin Dungeons & Dragons : https://sospresents.com/catalog Listen to Jackson Baly's podcasts: https://www.sanspantsradio.com/ Twitter: @DoGoOnPod Instagram: @DoGoOnPod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoGoOnPod/ Email...
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What Grand Theft Auto Teaches

+7 Intelligence | Ches Hall | Gaming Enthusiast
...Darvasi returns to the show to talk about using Grand Theft Auto, The Path, and Dungeons & Dragons to educate about social issues and so much more Part of the Games + Education...
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Hobbit Drinking Songs #272

Marc Gunn, Hobbits
...JRR Tolkien that started it all for me. Shortly after watching it, I started playing Dungeons & Dragons . My favorite characters were hobbits. I finally gave my love of hobbits the attention...
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Flux : 9to5 (dot cc)
...lives in the future. Maybe days. We need to make sure it looks just right. Dungeons & Dragons has an incredible, robust character creation system. Just creating a Level 1 character means selecting...
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Flux : 9to5 (dot cc)
...brother was along for the ride and he played Meek, a big blue crab man. Dungeons & Dragons ! Jon paints the following word picture for us: Our heroes are in an arena,...
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Flux : 9to5 (dot cc)
...of Horror, her work with TSR and her thoughts on game development in general. All Dungeons & Dragons Images Copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Keith does all sorts of things here on...
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