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On a seaside jungle road in Mexico's Tulum lies Hartwood, a tiny restaurant with no walls, stoves, electricity, or refrigeration. Chef Eric Werner joins deputy editor Andrew Knowlton...
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...menu system and how the cell phone has taken over ordering and paying at his restaurants in China. Amanda and Dan talk ferris wheel dining, delivery, and Whole Foods trend forecasting....
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Hospitality lawyer Jasmine Moy simplifies the negotiation process that is happening right now between restaurants and their landlords. Eater SF editor Eve Batey breaks down the big Uber news and...
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...Eater Miami and Farley Elliott of Eater Los Angeles talk about the mess of instructions restaurants in their cities have had to follow. Hosts: Amanda Kludt (@kludt), Editor in Chief, Eater Daniel...
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First, Eater Atlanta editor Beth McKibben explains how restaurants are bracing for impact after Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced he will reopen small businesses....
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Gabe Gaurente and Serena Dai give updates on the restaurant scenes in Seattle and New York. Amanda and Dan discuss their favorite stories of the...
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Camilla Marcus of west~bourne joins the show to talk about the innovative ways her restaurant is providing childcare to it's employees. Hosts: Daniel Geneen (@danielgeneen), Producer, Eater Amanda Kludt (@kludt), Editor...
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On its surface, restaurant criticism sounds like a pretty great gig. But dining out on the company dime, trying...
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...our interview with Kundin, we did manage... Continue reading Mess' Up, Arrow, Luchadores & Asian Restaurants
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...the next segment of our interview with … Continue reading Mess’ Up, Arrow, Luchadores & Asian Restaurants
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Flux : Good Food
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Staying afloat in L.A.'s restaurant biz

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Flux : Good Food
Opening and running a restaurant is a never-ending hustle and an unpredictable enterprise. A decade ago, Ohio State University researchers...
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Episode 137: Labor Issues & Restaurant Work

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...episode of What Doesn’t Kill You for an in-depth conversation on labor issues in the restaurant industry. How do tipped wages affect workers? Why is there a labor shortage in the...
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Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants for 2015

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Each year the LA Times' Jonathan Gold publishes his picks for the 101 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles. 
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