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...for Tabletop Games KS: Bloodlines & Black Magic KS: Fantasy Maps KS: Shattered Dawn Tabletop Roleplaying Game KS: Outdoor RPG Battle and adventure maps 2$ each KS: World Engine: An Online...
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MBMBaM 212: Turn Downton for What

shows@mbmbam.com (Justin McElroy)
...Suggested talking points: Guardianswatch, Love and Pathfinder, Octodad's Revenge, Reunion Woes, Sniffle Rage, Mr. Whippy Roleplay, No-Scope Pee Shot, Regal Weed
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Dungeon Dom

Sex Nerd Sandra
...Bondage & Safe words), Spankings and Impact Implements, Angry Chicken Cosplay, Loving Humiliation, and a roleplay story that brought down the house!
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Season 6 Episode 9 - To Skill or Not to Skill

shows@rpgcircus.com (RPG Circus)
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...5th ed D&D adventure KS: 5th Edition Player Starter Kit KS: Sirens Call: Interstellar Colonization Roleplaying KS: Emissary Lost - Epic Campaign for Award-Winning Coriolis RPG KS: The Dinosaur Protocol (for...
Medium a4d75d4cf1a8a206d5767fdd4a75e6c25a5103f0
...for the Awful Sea: Myth KS: Make 100: Chronicles RPG Kit KS: Pathogen: Unclassified a roleplaying game (RPG) KS: Age of Anarchy RPG KS: Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (ED RPG)...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
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...of Star Warsever to be brought to the table, West End Game's classic Star Wars roleplaying game!  So grab a drink and sit back, because in this show, the Force will...
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Flux : TechStuff
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Spicing It Up

Sex Nerd Sandra
...husband and wife team Alicia Lum-Denchasy and Ian Denchasy (founders of FreddyandEddy.com). Topics: Dirty Talk, Roleplay Mishaps, Sex Outside the Bedroom and How to Stay Playful. Plus: Earthquake Sex, Tantra, Sexting,...
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