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...Some Might Say - The Definitive Story of Oasis - https://thisdayinmusicbooks.com/books/some-might-say-the-definitive-history-of-oasis/ Email oasispod@gmail.com 0:00 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On 0:30 JC Intro and news 3:48 Stone Roses - Love...
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PB11 Sound Clip
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Flux : UKE BOX
...by Lester Alfonso (live) 3. Ukulele played Pete Seeger style by Jim Ruff 4. (documentary clip) – Pete Seeger was given a ukulele when he was 8 years-old. 5. Living in...
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...Email oasispod@gmail.com Today's guest is Mark Feltham @NineBelowZero1 ninebelowzero.com 0:00 Vision - Shine On 1:19 Clip from The South Bank Show re Nine Below Zero 2:50 Mark Feltham interview 8:28 The...
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...feat. John Squire - Champagne Supernova (Knebworth) 8:14 Interview with Mat Whitecross (@MatWhitecross) 15:11 Supersonic clip - Knebworth 23:31 Alan McGee - Seeing Oasis for the first time 29:28 Noel Gallagher...
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...Of Me - Malcolm In The Middle Theme (TV edit version) Birdhouse In Your Soul (clip) Tubthumping Santa's Beard -THE BEACH BOYS Santa's Beard Your Racist Friend (clip) Racist Friend (clip)...
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No Mother or Dad

Sound Clip of the Reno Model banjo played by Clay Hess
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...- Mischief Rebellion 12.06 Competition heads up, check out vinylsoul.co.uk 12.47 Intro to Liam BBC clip 13.21 Liam BBC clip 14.43 Interview intro 15.15 Joe - Inspiral Carpets 15.44 Interview with...
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Flux : UKE BOX
...2. Sweet Georgia Brown by Roy Smeck 3. The Wizard of the Strings (1983) film clip 4. Bye Bye Blues by Roy Smeck 5. The Wizard of the Strings (1983) film...
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Shea Fisher talks babies and we check out Chris Lane's marriage proposal video clip.
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A short audio clip to direct you to the special vidcast over at: https://vimeo.com/150121787
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Mark guest hosts covering the classic film, "The 27th Day." And a music clip from Vartok too!
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Mini audio clip to point you over to http://www.vimeo.com/trekkie to see this week's vidcast. Enjoy!
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...1842-1846 in a collector series. As heard on the show Luke accidentally cat-rolls himself in TBTL #1845 and our clip of the week as originally heard on TBTL #1842 featuring Luke and Andrew discussing the cartoon Erik Jagger...
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