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...created one of Copenhagen’s best restaurants, news from this year’s Salone del Gusto fair in Italy and the top chefs taking over Ibiza.
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In this episode, we listen to bands from Florence, Italy and Darmstadt, Germany. I hope you enjoy them.
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...the UK government reintroduces measures to control the spread of coronavirus. Plus: constitutional reform in Italy, Finland’s naval fleet and Taiwan’s attempts to rid its pavements of motorcycles.
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...takes legal action against the US government. Plus: Russia’s intelligence agencies take on the West, Italy’s high-speed rail link with France and Air India’s show of soft power.
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We ask what to expect from Italy’s coalition talks, why US sitcoms aren’t afraid to confront politically sensitive topics and whether the...
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James Gourlay

Voice of the Arts
...talks with QED's Jim Cunningham about the band's May concerts and its imminent tour of Italy. (QED's Ted Sohier will report on air and online during the tour.)
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Slovenia’s capital has absorbed culinary influences from Italy, Austria and the Balkans but cuisine from every continent can be found on a cobbled...
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We ask how Italy might answer Matteo Salvini’s call for a snap election. Plus: the latest on the political...
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...Parker on "one of the most dramatic days in recent British politics". We also discuss Italy’s budget constraints, Calgary’s Winter Olympic bid withdrawal and the definition of a kilogram.
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Flux : Good Food
...wrote a book about his search for wine’s origins. There’s also a prized bubbly from Italy that you might not have known about.
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Klezmer Podcast 46- Municipale Balcanica. Municipale Balcanica is a wonderful band from Italy that plays a mix of Klezmer, Gypsy, and Eastern Eurpean music with an Italian flair....
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...fashion recipes that she has for you. Also, find out more about her trip to Italy and about the fine cuisine she had.
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Episode 159 - Quiet light

A Fistful of Faceful
In this episode, we listen to a band from the US and one from Italy. I hope you enjoy them!
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Episode 38 - Actionmen

Garrett Wadford
Interview with Diego, Matteo and Libero of ACTIONMEN, the unique punk rockers from Ravenna, Italy. These guys are hilarious. We play tons of new bands and favorites you may have...
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...how coronavirus is increasing tensions between China and the US. Plus: the political consequences of Italy’s lockdown and what to read or watch if you are stuck at home.
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