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...70, Jim chats with RIchard Strange of the mid-70s protopunk art rock band Doctors of Madness.
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A2G45 - Mosh Madness Begins... with THE BUBBLE

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
Before Mosh Madness brackets can be finalized, the bubble releases need to be slotted! And to give you...
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When Machines Went Mad by 2000 Plus

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  yolkboy and Lady Gwyn analyse Catelyn's arc, particularly the themes of motherhood, despair and madness. A close look at the Red Wedding and Lady Stoneheart round out the episode. Readings,...
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Flux : The Hustle
We are honored to bring back producer Clive Langer to discuss the wonderful Madness! When "Our House" hit big in the states in 1983, the record label released this...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
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Don't Hide the Madness from Oct 17, 2018

Kimzilla and Emily and WFMU
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A Tribute to Mad Magazine – Laser Time #384

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Flux : Laser Time
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