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The GAP Episode 296 – Malo 5

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GAP Crew)
...SOMA, their new season of fantasy basketball, Batman Arkham Knight making another appearance on the PC, and Activision Blizzard starting an eSports division. This episode goes for 2 hours and 15...

The Order 66 Podcast Episode 6 - Social Engineering

GMDave@d20radio.com (GM Dave and GM Chris)
...and how you can use the narrative dice mechanics and player social contract to make NPC vs. PC influence reasonable and fun! So grab your debate gavel, sharpen that silver tongue,...
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Flux : The Gist
...like to see consider a run for the presidency. Plus, efficiency expert Jill Duffy from PC magazine joins us armed with biometric tracking devices for your wrists. Did Mike write off...
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...existing spacebars Mockup by @damnweather Ports MKBHD prediction Jony Ive on design Naysayer notions Thin PCs Asus Zenbook UX305 Official specs Lenovo ad Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tiny PC Alto's Adventure...
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EXP Podcast #341: Her Story Debrief

The Experience Points Podcast
...you need to solve a murder.  Actually what you really need is a mid-90s era PC and the endurance to face not only the harsh fluorescent lights but also the long...
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The GAP Episode 309 – Over Overwatch

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GA Podcast)
...Dungeons and Dragons, and more. Over in the news Quantum Break is now getting a PC release, Frozen Synapse 2 is announced, and there will be no Assassin’s Creed this year....
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...at their schematics to see what’s really cool in them. Guitars get the girls, the PC police need to chill, live streaming, and there is a reason Brian doesn’t want to...
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The GAP Episode 315 – Quantum Broken

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GA Podcast)
...Gothic: Armada, and more. Over in the news Rock Band 4 fails to hit its PC campaign, and remote play lands on the PlayStation 4. This episode goes for 3 hours,...
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...poor mans peace sells ? Listen to find out our views we cover everything from PC idiots to even a little bit on Metallica this was great fun so we hope...
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...Torvalds 00:31:57 - Dr DisRespect Streams! 00:32:15 - Linus is famous 00:32:48 - "Too Mad PC" Colab Details 00:34:37 - To PC or not to PC? 00:35:47 - lttstore.com 00:37:05 -...


freakshowcanalb@gmail.com (Freak Show)
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...evening! We give out unique swear filled slant on the news and we tackle the PC brigade head first to so a not to be missed episode! You can find us...
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...- Music for TV and Film Vol. 1 Adrianna Krikl - "Glitch" - Sonic Escapes PC III - "The Interesting Actual" - The Interesting Actual -ono- - "re:Mirrors _ Neighborhood" -...
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Episode 202: TurboGrafx-16 3

legacymusichour@gmail.com (Brent Weinbach and Rob F.)
Yet another TurboGrafx-16 focus, although it’s mostly all PC Engine tracks this time.  In this episode, the boizz get cross-wibed, the boizz talk cereal,...
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Episode 57: TurboGrafx-16

legacymusichour@gmail.com (Brent Weinbach and Rob F.)
The focus of Episode 57 is the TurboGrafx-16 (and PC Engine -AND the SuperGrafx).  Brent and Rob choose only music from this marginalized console.  Full...
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