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...ondas durante 3 horazas. Hoy tenemos lo nuevo de MAGNUS LARLSSON'S FREE FALL, RAMMSTEIN, STOEMBRINGER, VANDEN PLAS, CASABLANCA, PAGAN'S MIND, QUEENSRYCHE, UGLY KID JOE y un montón más. Repasaremos Agenda, clásicos...
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...that time of year again! Time for the 8th Annual Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival to be held August 3rd in Roanoke, VA! My old stomping grounds! This show highlights...
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Pues finalmente ahí va. Nuestro NU ROCKS TOP 20. Muchos son los nombres mayúsculos del año, muchas las propuestas...
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MURDERDOLLS, STAN BUSH, APOCALYPTYCA, ALICE COOPER, ROB HALFORD, FIRST SIGNAL, JOE MOLLAN, VANDEN PLAS... son solo algunos de los platos fuertes del NU ROCKS de esta semana. Muchos...
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...for the first time in the podcast’s history, Tom and Damian meet up in Richmond Va. to talk Goldberg and some other Pro-Wrestling… and of course they also wind up talking...
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...napolitana like-a ma mamma used to maike. A-shove it in yo face, u stoopid bambini, va fangula!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Flux : Radiolab
...-- the return of the 17-year cicadas means surfaces in certain locations (in patches from VA to CT) will once again be coated in bugs buzzing at 7 kilohertz. In their...
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Flux : Blockbusters
durée : 00:55:30 - Blockbusters - par : Frédérick Sigrist - Aujourd'hui dans Blockbuster, on va essayer de vous faire comprendre pourquoi Fortnite est le jeu qui passionne autant nos enfants...
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Episode 2: Burrito Bros

Paul Lee and Abel Sabarre
Abel and Paul head to Burrito Bros in Arlington, VA On this episode: Master of none, online dating (0:00-27:00ish), Food talk: Mexican food and Burrito...
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Flux : Blockbusters
durée : 00:55:36 - Blockbusters - par : Frédérick Sigrist - Ensemble, on va essayer de vous faire découvrir des choses sur cette fabuleuse saga du jeu vidéo... et...
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Live: You're Eating Gay Cheese

Dan Pashman and Stitcher
Flux : The Sporkful
...is orange wine? We find out when Dan heads to the Fire, Flour, & Fork Festival in Richmond, VA, to talk with the craftspeople building the growing wine and vegan cheese...
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Episode 113: Guys Night Out V

A Podcast of Ice and Fire
...(Tower of the Hand), Fabio (Winter is Coming), and Sean (Boiled Leather). We discuss a variety of book theories and some show topics, but the highlight of the […]
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Les Soprano, Family success!

Flux : Blockbusters
...Soprano : la plus grande série de tous les temps ? Pour le savoir, on va revenir sur la genèse de cette série, son auteur David Chase, ses inspirations et sa...
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Esta semana el programa va a tener dos partes diferentes: La primera, las novedades. La segunda estará marcada por la...
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