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...This is one of many reasons why "The Black Album" might just be THE MOST important metal album of all time! Topics Covered: -Billboard chart debut -overnight mainstream success unheard of...
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Flux : Titre inconnu
...Continue reading Tales of the world episode 48 – The First World War or the importance of finding a name →
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...with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and more upcoming tour with Old Dominion the importance of the younger generation performing on the Grand Ole Opry Podcast Participants: Carly Pearce Jim...
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...listeners weigh in on a Kate Mulgrew/Mira Furlong smack down, Wolverine reviewed, why morality is important for Superman, and why the Falling Skies' finale failed.
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...about rebroadcasting and reinventing the best from overseas and up north. We talk about six imports and reboots that are worth your time. Our show topics this month, in fact, are...
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