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The state’s all-postal primaries vote could be seen as a trial run for November’s presidential election. Might voting by mail...
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...almost six months of protests and street battles, Hong Kongers have had a chance to vote in local elections. They sent a clear message of support to those agitating for greater...
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...ago Tuesday, the culmination of decades of activism that finally gave women the right to vote. Finish the Fight! is a new children’s book that chronicles the stories of some of the...
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On Wednesday, the Senate voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump of abuse of power, by a vote of 48-52,...
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The House of Representatives today voted on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Next month, the...
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...the Democratic nomination for president. He’s in California, holding events and fundraisers to win potential votes in the state’s primary.
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The power of the Vietnamese American vote in Orange County

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#200: The Virgin Vote - Masculinity & Politics in the 19th Century

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...podcast has just published a book about nineteenth century politics, and the energy that young voters brought to the process, and how young people, particularly men in the nineteenth century, looked...
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...criticism of his conduct and track record, the MP for New England actually increased his vote. What is it about Joyce that his constituents are drawn to? Is it the work...
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