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Klezmer Podcast 46- Municipale Balcanica. Municipale Balcanica is a wonderful band from Italy that plays a mix of Klezmer, Gypsy, and Eastern Eurpean music with an Italian flair....
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...fashion recipes that she has for you. Also, find out more about her trip to Italy and about the fine cuisine she had.
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Episode 159 - Quiet light

A Fistful of Faceful
In this episode, we listen to a band from the US and one from Italy. I hope you enjoy them!
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Episode 38 - Actionmen

Garrett Wadford
Interview with Diego, Matteo and Libero of ACTIONMEN, the unique punk rockers from Ravenna, Italy. These guys are hilarious. We play tons of new bands and favorites you may have...
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...We also find out why Kazakhstan’s leader resigned after 30 years, discuss China’s interest in Italy and assess plans to build a tunnel between Austria and Slovenia.
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Monday 14 May

Monocle 24
...in Israel ahead of the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. Then: is Italy finally getting a government? Plus: business headlines and we wrap up our coverage of the...
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...how coronavirus is increasing tensions between China and the US. Plus: the political consequences of Italy’s lockdown and what to read or watch if you are stuck at home.
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We've got the latest as the US begins withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Plus: Italy's emergency measures to combat coronavirus, the day's business headlines and Monocle's tech guru, David Phelan,...
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UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s latest headache with the Irish border, a new row in Italy over its fascist past and why Saudi Arabia thinks it’s a good idea to launch...
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Friday 1 June

Monocle 24
...how Europe, Canada and Mexico will respond to the introduction of US tariffs and whether Italy’s new government can solve the country’s political crisis. Plus: why is chocolate ownership causing such...
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...its own car-emission rules? Plus: the latest on Israel’s political stalemate and the headlines in Italy from Monocle’s new outpost in Milan.
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...be holding secret talks with the Trump administration. Plus: Boris Johnson’s clash with the EU, Italy’s chaotic government and what’s top of the pops in Côte d'Ivoire.
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...what they read last will tell you what it was. Then we turn to Trump, Italy's new prime minister, a whole slew of lies and misstatements from Trump and the gripping...
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Jul's Progkast - 12 - Top Ten 2016

Jul's Progkast Radio Podcast
Flux : Progkast
...Ruins (late 2013/early2014) - US 27:03 4 - Frontecielo - The Light Now (2015) - Italy 32:55 3 - Atlas Cube - Asia Moments (2015) - Germany 43:36 2 - Aria...
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...Italo disco, a music genre from the 1970s and 1980s, that was mainly produced in Italy and successful in Europe during the 1980s. We talk about this music genre and how...
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