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...Of Xymox – All I Ever Know Fadeaways – That Girl Fair Maiden – Coal West Coast Music Club – Jim Morrison (preferred him in the Smiths) Bdrmm – Happy MNNQNS –...
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...– I Don’t Need You Anymore Magic Shoppe – These Boots Are Made For Dying West Coast Music Club – Yeah Sure! – tonyR remix New Candys – Blue Magic Hat Beach...
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...Sin Radio, Defiant Radio, WMR and Vibes Unit Radio. On this show you can hear: West Coast Music Club – Just Between Us Pines – On My Wave Alfa 9 – Smile...
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Country Hour for Thursday 28 September, 2017

Western Australia Country Hour
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170 – Minor Punitive Heart Attacks

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
...The Soul Sword's origins and current status Promethium Semantic disambiguation with regards to Limbo The West Coast Avengers The Lady of the Swimming Pool Doctor Doom's personal demons Several team-ups The heart...
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...group’s very confusing and convoluted history and along the way, discovers some of the best West Coast R&B Vocal Group records every made.  LISTEN BELOW
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...architects of the “honkin'” sax, Paul Williams. Many people associate that “honkin'” sax sound with West Coast Jump Blues, but it actually originated in 1947 with Paul Williams in Detroit. Savoy Records...
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...six months in jail. After getting out of the military, he found himself on the West Coast with a budding musical career. He practically invented the story song, complete with acting between...
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...now calls LA home and has found her place in the music industry of the West Coast . Besides being a prolific solo artist, Misty has also toured with acts such as...
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...Nichols Trio/The Merry-Go-Round/The Parade/Claudine Longet/The Garden Club/The Wanted/Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/Eternity's Children/The Golden Bough/ West Coast Branch/The Light/A Small Circle Of Friends/The Full Treatment/Phil Ochs/The Move/Tommy & The True Blue Facts/Fairchilds/Michael...
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...Brolin: Nardcore kid -Punk and drugs nearly killing you by 15 -The awesomeness of the west coast Revelation Records stuff -The mid 90s: “The Early Years of Punk” -Punk being considered dead...
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Episode 162: Mike Thelin

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
Flux : Snacky Tunes
...[10:15] “Organic and local food- we grew up with that in Portland, Seattle, and the West Coast in general… it’s not a trend, it’s real.” [13:00] “It’s really important to honor local...
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...won the 2004 International Blues Challenge.  Since then he has been a fixture on the West Coast Blues Scene, has been a judge for the IBC and a presenter at the BMAs. ...
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#190: Director Justin Fleischer

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