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Big Video Podcast for Show # 150. Thanks to all my friends that sent in clips for this special show. Now, sit back and enjoy the fun!
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An all Next Generation show! "Best of Both Worlds I & II" Commentary and clips. Also a look at a TNG phaser replica from Master Replicas.
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...with the world's greatest Oasis collector Brian Garcia aka OasisDNA. Features a couple of exclusive clips of an unreleased demo of Columbia.
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Pre-show clip for the vidcast for this week on Indiana Jones. Go to www.vimeo.com/trekkie to see it!...
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A preview clip of my full vidcast coverage of the Motor City Comic Con. For the full vidcast...
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...guest hosts Chris & newcomer Chuck cover the cool series, "Robotech." Lots of neat info, clips, and the usual geek-filled fun! Enjoy the show!
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Covering the classic 80's film, "The Last Starfighter" this week with lots of clips and comments. Also some other SF talk and news. Enjoy the podcast!
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Covering "The Big Bang Theory" with clips and more this week. Some Trek news and talk about my new car. All this...
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A look at the Voyager episode, "The Gift." Several listener audio clips to play as well as some Trek news. And a unique collectible is reviewed. Enjoy.
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...difference between several types of diodes, and the difference when running it as a soft clipping overdrive to a hard clipping distortion. Sounds like fun, eh? Oh, and I realize the...
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...Richard Dugauy. Come along Richard's journey which continues today with brand new music. We play clips of 2 new tunes from Richard off his upcoming album "Bad Juju." In addition we...
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...Trek film. Warning - spoilers abound in this vidcast. Thanks to everyone that sent in clips. Enjoy!
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0:00 Liam intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:27 JC Intro 2:32 Clip from Supersonic 3:47 Richard Buskin interview with Owen Morris - check out the article here...
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Premium Preview

Sci-Fi Talk
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
A look at my service with clips from my special podcasts featuring Anthony Stewart Head, Director Garth Edwards, Sam huntington, Esai Morales,...
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Merry Christmas and Merry Trekmas everyone. A more casual show, with holiday music and clips for this special Christmas Day podcast. So grab a cup of eggnog and enjoy the...
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