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Prolific Producer Man Parrish Talks Hip-Hop

Aaron Goodwin - Old School Rewind
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Flux : Planet Money
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Jordan Rakei Live on MBE: Eye To Eye

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A rare talent emerging from London's current nexus of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music , Jordan Rakei recently paid a visit to MBE where he recorded an exclusive version...
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Sudan Archives: Paid

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Theo Bard: “Forget”

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The Gerogerigegege - "Soul Dracula" - s/t Ernest Berk - "Initiation (excerpt)" - Electronic Music for Two Ballets Mauricio Kagel - "Hallelujah (excerpt)" - split w/ Dieter Schnebel https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/88240
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...oppressive Ukrainian household, Poe eventually fled to Los Angeles where he became enamored with the electronic music scene. In 2017 THC released its debut EP, Space Born, made major waves in the...
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...to Live From Progzilla Towers Edition 162. In this edition, we explored the world of electronic music and heard tracks by Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Synergy, Tim Blake, Neuronium, Michael Hoenig, Jean-Michel Jarre,...
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PLEDGE WEEK from Mar 10, 2010

Andy Ortmann and WFMU
...- "Midnight Waterfalls" - Sounds of Love A to Z Jason Lescalleet - "Morphology" - Electronic Music Nyogthaeblisz - "Satanic Warfare" - Progenitors Of Mankind's Annihilation Costes - "I Hate Noise" -...
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...computer — a magical mix of old player piano and electronic avant-garde. Yes, Deacon makes electronic music and dance music, but it's not the thump thump thump stuff you'd go to a...
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Bernice: Glue

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