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...Dixie Chicks change their name to "The Chicks". NOPD Officer who worked detail for the protests tests positive for COVID-19. Blain Kern, "Mr. Mardi Gra", dies at 93.  See omnystudio.com/listener for...
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...honesty sessions and some of the wacky excuses people give when they fail a drug test.
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While ordering genetic tests directly from a company seeks to empower patients and puts them in control of their...
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Ben Stiller's claim that a blood test saved his life

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...they'll talk about why some favorite kids entertainment endures while other favorites don't stand the test of time. All that, plus What's Making Us Happy.
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Flux : Off Track
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Early Tuesday morning, North Korea tested another intercontinental ballistic missile. It blew up shortly after take-off. But North Korea keeps working...
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MMM MMM what a tasty episode! #1 Crash Test Dümé Ayo Edebiri (@ayoedebiri - Sunnyside, Comedy Central’s Up Next, Iconography podcast) brings the pentecostal, the...
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