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...Young songs July 8 at The Sinkhole with Morgan Nusbaum of Bruiser Queen & Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. This show Matt will be eating progressively hotter hot wings from Bryd &...
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...Scott and Seth. So, we hop back over to Robos with 2011 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Yeah, the Pirates. Which over here in the states became Power Rangers “Super” Megaforce.
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...talk about the best beer of the town and learn about TJ in Mexico. And, yeah, we talk to Tommy Manboy, too.
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Jake Johannsen

Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson
Jake Johannsen is a comedian boasting more Letterman appearances than you. Yeah, even if you've been on with Dave lots of times, he's done it more. Way...
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Oh yeah! Deep 60's / 70's psych excursions with bands seldom touched upon. With guidance from the...
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...and Monsters (1982) Hamlet (2000) The Taming of the Shrew (BBC Adaptation) Cock Lane The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - MAPS The Smash Mouth Cookbook Who is Guy Fieri? (Vice Interview) Tusk...
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...Meek Mill /// Mlk Blvd Skippa Da Flippa ft. Young Thug /// move Rico /// Yeah Yeah Yeah YBN Cordae /// Broke as Fuck Polo G /// Effortless Missy Elliott ///...
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Flux : Washed Up Emo
...label nearby a lot of these venues in the city where bands like the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and others cut their teeth. Longwave were active around the same time as...
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Flux : Gone Mental
...Give | North 'n' South(Rockout Records)1993 Fly Right Trio | Wild About You Baby | Yeah Yeah Yeah Torment | Hypnosis | Washed Out(Nervous Records)1990 Damage Done By Worms | Evil...
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...[Ordinary Folk = Lee Purkis] 2 In a Room - "Somebody In the House Say Yeah (Acid Remix)" S.A.S. - "Pilot" Twlight Circus - "U.K. Steppers" https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/37343
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The Nerds just want to dance, oh yeah! This week on the show Chris and Damian undertake the monster task of dissecting the...
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Ep 32 - The Myth Makers (Story 19)

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
...okay to physically discipline a kid, the evolution of the art of acting and oh yeah...a little bit of Doctor Who.
Yeah, I skipped a week but now I'm back with an episode filled to the brim...
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Yeah, my brain just froze and crashed. So no notes today. I am tired but need...
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...and Mr. LaBove, Many thanks to them and everyone there for a great freaking time! Yeah, wow!
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